Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church is a liturgical (a liturgy is simply a set form of ceremony, or pattern we use during our worship service on a regular basis) and confessional congregation of the Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod. We believe that the Bible is the inerrant Word of God, and that its teaching focuses on the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ who has won our salvation.  Our worship services are traditional and reverent and Christ centered.  We use the Lutheran Service Book as a guide during the worship service.


We believe that when we worship, God is indeed with us, in His Word and in His Sacraments.  We believe that when we gather together, it is not merely to pay tribute to a distant Creator, but rather, we gather so that God can bestow upon us the gifts He has reserved for His people, through the preaching of His Word and the administration of the Sacraments. 


Our worship services always include music, ranging from traditional and familiar hymns, to more contemporary praise songs. 


The Lord's Supper is joyfully offered on every Sunday at 9 AM on the first and third Sundays, and on any 5th Sunday. We believe that our Lord is really present with us in His Body and Blood and, as He promised, in partaking of this Sacrament, we receive forgiveness of our sins.  We commune in both kinds – receiving the Body and the Blood in, with, and under the bread and wine.  If you confess the same belief, we invite you to our fellowship of the Lord’s Supper.